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Hello.  My name is Dr. Jeremy S. Kurland.  I have been in private chiropractic practice for over eighteen years.  Unfortunately, I have been a chronic back pain sufferer for much longer than that.  I had a pretty bad undiagnosed scoliosis as a kid.  When I was about sixteen years old I injured some lumbar discs pouring concrete at job I had with my dad.   My ongoing low back pain was one of my motivations to become a Chiropractor.  When I was twenty eight years old I injured some discs in my neck working out in the gym.  While those injuries and the associated symptoms would wax and wane over time, I could always deal with them.  However a few years ago I completely tore my rotator cuff.  I was in a bad way.  I couldn’t sleep.  I couldn’t work.  The worst part was that I couldn’t fix it!  I had seen so many failed back surgeries and shoulder surgeries in my patient base over the years, that really wasn’t an option for me.  So, out of necessity, I began to seek different answers.

It was what I discovered next that changed my whole practice and my life.  I found out exactly what professional sports teams were doing to get their top athletes back on the field and then I sought out the same treatments.  It was a specific combination of lasers, movement analysis, treatment of soft tissues like muscles and ligaments, kinesiotaping, and corrective exercise saved me—and it can save you too.  I acquired many new skill sets and challenged myself more than I had in years.  The end result is now what we do in the office everyday with every patient.

I could have never accomplished any of these things personally or professionally without the unwavering support of my wife Nicole.  She has been my rock for the last sixteen years.  She is also a Doctor of Chiropractic, but gave up practicing in order to raise our three young boys.  Lucky them—Lucky me. 

My story is not all that unique.  We all accumulate injuries and dysfunctions as we age.  We need to align ourselves with caregivers who can help.  If you feel more pills and surgeries is the answer, then I am probably not your guy.  However, if you think good movement, good nutrition and a good mind set should be able to sustain for a life full of activity—well then we should meet.

Remember: No matter how many mistakes you make, or how slow you are progressing, you are still way ahead of everyone that isn’t even trying.

-Dr J


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